Special offer for manufacturers willing to supply routers, CPEs, access points and similar products to the Russian Federation.

On February 26th, 2019, the operating system from NETSHe Lab Ltd. (firmware development platform for telecommunication equipment) was entered into the Russian Software Register under the registration number 5270.

The use of firmware based on our operating system will give you advantages when submitting bids to supply your hardware for government needs, state-run companies and other public tenders endorsed in line with the Russian Law.

Special offer!

NETSHe Lab Ltd. offer their own firmware with a unique wireless stack (*) to hardware vendors.
This firmware is absolutely FREE (**) and without any recurring fees.
Vendors can use NETSHe firmware as primary or optional firmware in Atheros-based devices.

Please, contact us at sales@netshe-lab.ru for detailed information.

DM VPN manual is available and other documentation updates

After 5.0 release, we started to update user manuals to keep it in actual form.
New document is 'DM VPN user manual' which describes DM VPN in NETSHe implementation and configuration and it is available at http://www.netshe.ru/files/doc/en/DMVPN.pdf
Another one is brief about network management and monitoring system update which is available at http://www.netshe.ru/files/doc/en/NMS.pdf

More documentation updates will be ready soon!

NETSHe-4.0 first beta is out!

We glad to announce the first beta for NETSHe-4.0.

Firmware images has updated wireless stack and some little changes in the WebUI.

Wireless stack has:
- new polling extension for TDMA modes which makes utilization of timeslot more efficiency and reduce latency;
- unique mesh protocol for TDMA which is designed to support load balancing, link adaptation and mobility.

Test images can be downloaded at http://www.netshe.ru/files/NETSHe.testing/
Documentation will be updated soon.

New release of TDMA for WiFi

As a result of 6 month's work, We are glad to present new TDMA for WiFi implementation.

If describe new release in a some words, it is faster, flexible and durable.

In a new release, We kept all positive points of previous implementation - excellent adaptability to the very noised environments and long distance links, and made the product better.
We reduced latency and improved throughput up to 50%.